Friday, September 04, 2009

Hurricaines Off Baja.

It's been very warm and humid here for a couple of weeks. I'm not whining. Most places inland in California, not to mention Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico are always hell holes, all Summer long. We have been getting up into the high eighties under bright Sun by early afternoon with humidity in the same high eighties, comparatively mild. I got no AC, many coastal dwellers don't, so it seems uncomfortable. It comes down to the mid seventies by dawn.

The reason for this weather, is a series of tropical storms forming in unusually warm seas, South of Baja that move North before dissipating. Pretty unusual for this part of the World. I've never experienced a hurricane here in SoCal. Doesn't mean it won't ever happen. A lot of the SoCal coast is high and cliffy, so no big flooding risk there. The riverbeds that drain to the sea, however, are miles wide, extending to the base of the foothills far inland, not much above sea level and filled with buildings. If a twenty foot storm surge with high winds hit the coast, there would be storm damage of historic proportions. I don't think a lot of the destruction would ever be rebuilt.

I wouldn't mind, that much. Might be kind of nice. Give the wildlife a little more running room. Parkland and recreational areas for the young folks to frolic. Natural settling basins, to replenish the aquifers.

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