Thursday, September 24, 2009

Names in the Bible

A census worker was found hung up in a cemetery in Kentucky. He had the word Fed written on his chest. He was a white man so it can't have been a racist hate crime. Whew! What a relief.

We got some shirttail cousins went Southwest to Kentucky. Took a couple of our women with'em. They were Tadlocks, from Western Pennsylvania. Good with guns, traps and a skinning knife. Drinkers. Not much for working the land. None of us was very friendly but they would hang a body up in a tree. To butcher. If it was a bad Winter and the children were hungry. Not anybody they knew, just Indians, peddlers and such. It ain't Winter now though. They probably didn't get any more mannerly since they been there. Maybe the census man was asking personal questions, you know, sex stuff. Who wouldn't be sensitive about that? Nobody's business.

We lost touch with Tadlocks. Before the Revolution started. After the War, the rest of us went West, Indiana and Illinois. Then farther. Good riddance. Just some lines of copper plate in the big Bible, is all they are to us now.

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