Friday, September 11, 2009

Republicans Remember the Iraqi Attacks on the World Trade Center Eight Years Ago Today

Most Republicans now believe that the World is only several thousand years old, a place where dinosaurs and man coexisted during historic times. They believe that our President is not really a citizen but a Manchurian candidate, who is at the same time a Communist, an Islamic Jihadist, a Kenyan Black nationalist, a Hitleresque Nazi and an extremely stupid individual, who only got into the schools he did because of affirmative action and got the grades he did as a gift. They believe a slightly different but equally convoluted story about his wife and for that matter, every college educated African American in the country. Most Republicans now believe that abortion and many if not most forms of contraception are murder. They also believe that if a person has a living will that directs no medical treatment or heroic measures past a certain point, it's murder as well.

Most Republicans believe that Democrats are subversive liberals, bent on destruction of the American way of life. They will admit, if pressed, that these people should neither be allowed to hold public office or any responsible position, teach school or even be left alone with children nor participate in the national defense by serving in the armed forces. They will deny that any church where liberals are active, is an appropriate venue for Christian worship.

Most Republicans are wildly optimistic in their claim of no more than average intelligence and do not trust anybody that is "too smart". Their choice of leadership reflects this.

This country is fucked up. Let's get those death panels formed up and start getting rid of this human pond scum while we're still in charge.


Steve Harkonnen said...

I am not a Republican anymore, but I am a paleoconservative type of guy. That's right. Paleos tend to think that neocons are nothing but a bunch of pussy panty waists. Take McCain, for example. I am extreme right wing. I'm not much of a Christian kinda guy but I see some of your points.

Supposedly, we're all in this together, but sadly, it's posts like yours that tend to remind me that we're a nation falling apart at the seams. I posted on this topic this morning on my blog. I do not, however, take much offense to what you are saying.

I think I have become impervious and thick skinned. While you and I are of different political leanings, with you for some reason I tolerate what you're saying. but you are merely making a statement and that is fine.

But remember one thing: When 9/11 went down, the House gathered together as one. They didn't care about left or right. For one moment, they gathered in song and sang "America the Beautiful". I will never forget that day.

But I definitely know that Obama is a liar.

Steve Harkonnen said...

..and no, not all Dems are Libtards. Some of them are good ol' Blue dogs.

reddog said...

I think maybe you're not so far off track, Steve. You can't always tell who people are by the labels attached to them now. Right, Left, Liberal, Conservative, Christian, Secular, these things don't tend to mean much anymore, as the country comes apart at the seams.

People from all these different classifications will be around to pick up the pieces of what spills out, when the seams finally burst. Most people though, are just going to be so much fertilizer.

Most people now, no matter what side they are on, are trying to do their best to patch up the seams. I'm trying to pick the seams loose. I don't know how long I'd survive in a post apocalyptic World. I'm getting pretty old but I'd like to give it a try. I never liked rules and am always up for something new, good, bad or some of both.

Earth Abides.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Post-apocalypse - All I'd need is some books, water and beef jerky, and maybe a nice hot blonde too.