Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Is Glenn Beck On?

I've never seen the Glenn Beck Show. I've seen him on O'Rielly. I've seen him on specials, like last Saturday. I wondered why that was, so I checked the TV listings. Maybe it's different farther East but on the West Coast, he's on at 2PM and they don't replay him until 11PM. That's pretty sucky for him. O'Rielly gets 5 and 8, Hannity gets 6 and 9, Greta gets 7 and 10.

What does this tell us about who Fox thinks is watching Glenn. Bored housewives, old people, the unemployed, night owls? It occurs to me that the lack of advertisers for Glenn's show may have a lot more to do with the audience demographics, as a potential consumer base, than any ideological objection.

I would probably watch Glenn Beck if he was on when I was watching. Whether you agree with him or not, he's entertaining. An effeminate Mormon man, talking about patriotism and traditional American values is original, if nothing else. I may never see his actual show. The times are too weird. Why is Fox doing this? It's not a mistake. Scheduling is always very carefully considered by broadcasters. Maybe all of Glenn's viewers have TiVo.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Tivo is absolutely correct. Beck's ratings, however, are pretty damn high. When compared to the crowd that watch Rachel Maddow, the girl who hates men but does her utmost to try and look like one, it's true that Fox gains more viewers tenfold than that of MSNBC - even though Beck comes on around 5pm EST.

Personally, I don't watch Beck at all because I only watch movies. My news source is mainly blogs.

Anonymous said...

I like Rachel Maddow. She is as cute as a button and has good views on the issues. She isn't over the top like Obermann or Beck.

I don't watch very much fox news because I tire of their "Two Minute Hate" episodes all the time.

reddog said...

Rachel's charm lies in the fact that she is never mean. It makes her unique on political cable TV. It also makes her seem cute and cuddly. I don't think she's probably either.

I like Ana Marie Cox better. She's smarter, funnier, sexier. She's a dyke too but knows how to strut a little bit better. She's also mean. Somebody ought to give her a TV show.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Rachel is cute as a button?

She resembles a man, IMO.

Never mean? Haven't you ever heard her denigrate Hannity and Coulter?