Friday, October 09, 2009


There is a film coming out this Christmas called Agora, made in Europe by a Spanish director, in the English language. It depicts the last days and violent death of the young female mathematician and physicist, Hypatia of Alexandria, early in the fifth century by a Christian mob, incited to it by Roman Catholic clergy.

She was a Pagan woman, perceived to be but not in fact anti Christian and was a popular and respected person in her place and time. At the climactic ending of the story, she is pulled from her chariot on the street, dragged into a Christian church, flayed alive with jagged pottery shards, dismembered and the pieces incinerated in the public market place. The incident was well documented at the time and truly depicted by the film. Many of the things done in the Church's name to consolidate it's hold on Western civilization were a little harsh by today's standards.

The Catholic Church makes a big deal about their many and sundry martyrs to the faith. Some of the stories about them venerated by the Church are true, some are exaggerated, many are just made up. Artists have been encouraged to create depictions of the sufferings of Christian martyrs for thousands of years. Many Christian martyrs, real and imagined, have been declared Saints by a Church desperate to distract believers away from the oppression and exploitation of the Church and the foully perverted ways of the priestly hierarchy. They get all squirmy when the tables are turned.

Catholic bigwigs really don't like it when someone makes a movie like this. They don't think theaters should be allowed to show it or that people should be allowed to see it. In the old days, they would have had the film destroyed and it's creators burned at the stake. They don't have the juice to do that any more and it makes them feel impotent and grumpy.

I don't know why they are concerned. It doesn't sound like it's going to be a blockbuster hit. Probably play a few art houses and college film series bookings. The people that go to those places are all Commie atheists anyway, so who cares. Get a life Ratzo, you and Georgy should lighten up and relax with a romantic weekend of sodomite dalliance at Gandolfo. Enjoy some of that titillating boy porn that Bishop Lahey brought you from Thailand before you plunge into things.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Catholics have no room to talk. Let's bring up what they did to my ancestors at Bothwell Bridge in Scotland, and also to the Covenanters as well, let alone thousands of more episodes of religious shame ever since they came about.

reddog said...

Many of us have Catholic persecution to thank for our families coming to America. I guess we should be grateful.