Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pope Lover's Mother Expires

The Vatican community mourns the death of Gertud Ganswein, mother of Georg Ganswein, homosexual life partner of Pope Benedict. Everyone is sad about her death but glad that the Pope has found love and companionship in his old age. It cannot help but make him a better man and better Pope.

The Pope should address the Catholic laity openly and honestly about his sexuality and how he expresses it in his everyday life. All priests should be required to do this on a regular basis, so that those entrusted to their care can know whether they have legitimate concerns about the safety of themselves or loved ones from inappropriate sexual molestation, when alone in the presence of individual priests.

The Pope should announce the eligibility of women for ordination into the priesthood. He should also announce the end of the policy of so called priestly celibacy and allow priests to enter into marriage. It is unfair that currently, only homosexual priests are able to easily engage in sexual relationships and even these are necessarily covert and not always free of coercion.

Doesn't the Pope want all priests to be as domestically happy and sexually satisfied as he is? If not, why not?


W.C. Varones said...

I did not know that!

Anonymous said...

Wait, isn't it boys? You just can't keep your memes straight, can you? Are you conflating homosexuality with pedophilia again? Tsk tsk.. So not PC. Perhaps you are trying to convince yourself that your experience of the former is actually the latter and that it's under control.. I don't think it is; there's too much projection here for that.

reddog said...

You're not up on the latest Catholic truth speak. Molester priests are not really pedophiles. They are gay males with unresolved adolescent developmental issues and this molesting thing is a form of therapeutic regression.

Anyway, the Pope's boyfriend is 35 years or so younger that he is. Pretty much the right ballpark.