Friday, October 02, 2009

Gandhi's Birthday, A Saintly Man

Google has a special logo today. It's Mohandas Gandhi's birthday. He would have been one hundred and forty. Pretty special guy. Who doesn't have a soft spot for the Mahatma?

I never heard of Mother Teresa saying anything nice about him. Must have been a case of professional jealousy or something like that.

He was kind of like a priest. Only he liked little girls. If they had laptops in those days, he probably would have had naked pictures of them on his hard drive. Do you think he would have his own Google logo then?


beebsblog said...

Little girls on a laptop?


Ten years in the pen.


reddog said...

Did you read about the Catholic Bishop from the Maritime's who was busted for Kiddie porn on his laptop at the border.

You gotta wonder what kind of terrorist threat, which is what I assume the Border guards were looking for, might be on a bishop's hard drive.

But I get your point. Thought crime. Exactly. Who will they come for next?