Saturday, October 31, 2009

Are You A Social Conservative?

I'm pretty sure I'm not one but I'm not entirely sure I understand what it entails. As far as I can tell, it's this.

1) Opposition to abortion, contraception, fetal stem cell harvesting, artificial fertility procedures, any personal end of life decisions that could be interpreted as suicide or euthanasia or any other medical procedure that is unnatural, immoral or against the will of the Christian Triple God, his enforcing Angels and watchful Saints.

2) Support and legal institutionalization of the nuclear family, consisting only of a male head of household, a female wife and children.

3) A strict belief in the Christian Bible as the literal revealed word of God and as a basis for natural law and science, that should be incorporated into civil life and human endeavor by all members of society and adhered to whether they believe it or not. The founding fathers intended for America to be a Christian nation and anything else is unconstitutional.

4) Elimination of any social entitlement programs by government.

5) Unlimited right to own weapons.

6) A belief in capital punishment.

7) A strong Christian military that works around the World to protect American political interests, promote Christian values, suck up local alcohol stocks and produce half American bastards.

8) Stop and punish illegal immigration.

9) Human right to dominion over the Earth and denial that human actions can adversely effect climate or natural ecological balance.

A person could go into a lot of specifics but that seems to be about it and in order to be a social conservative, you need to believe in all of these things, otherwise you are a closet liberal.

If you are a social conservative I would like to hear from you. Are there more things you believe are basic to the movement? Are some of the things I've listed in error? Speak up! Clueless liberals everywhere need to know.

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