Saturday, October 10, 2009

Barry's Nobel

Why a peace prize for Barry? What do it all mean, Mister Natural? Don't mean shit, kid.

In some parts of the World, it is an affirmation, after hundreds and some places thousands of years, people of color are finally recognized as human, equal to any other people in the World. It doesn't bother these people that others think they are inferior, so much. It's the doubt that always lingered in their own minds, until now.

In other parts of the World, it's a symbol that the time of White Man's burden is over. Colonialism, Imperialism, Paternalism, whatever you want to call it, may still be perpetrated but it will never be so easily accepted by the international community as it once was.

In still other places, it means that the days of US leadership in their community, often perceived as smug, heavy handed, boorish, unsophisticated and ill informed, is finally over.

It's not about what Barry's done. It's not even about who he is. It's pure myth and symbol. It ain't Christianity but don't fool yourself, it's religion, just the same. If Barry hadn't come along in real life, somebody would have had to invent him. Maybe somebody did invent him. It doesn't make any difference. Same thing.

Different strokes for different folks. Every bodies smiling but the Red State knuckle draggers. It don't signify nothing to them but more bad news. And more to come.


John Rudolph said...

Interesting. Do you feel against him getting the award? I like your artwork btw. Come by my blog sometime

reddog said...

I think it's great he won the Nobel.

Good luck with your book, John.