Thursday, October 29, 2009

All My Children

Wing nuts are upset because it is now possible to make sperm and eggs out of stem cells. This could provide people who no longer have functioning gonads the opportunity to be parents.

What would be really cool is if they learn how to make eggs out of sperm and sperm out of eggs. Then a person could have children who, while genetically different from the parent, would only have one parent.

That's the ultimate ego trip. Man, I'd want hundreds of kids to inflict on the World.


wcv said...

I think that might cause some of the same deformation and retardation problems you get with inbreeding.

The issue is that defective recessive genes come out when mated with a closely related (or identical) partner.

It would probably be safer to clone yourself.

reddog said...

I hadn't gotten that far with the thought. Of course you're right. Selfcest. Bummer.