Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Transformational Event

Here's one of my biggest problems with Christianity. They keep saying it's not an ideology but a joyful event which transforms the life of Christians, makes them more humane and fills them with delight.

I gotta tell ya, I see a lot of ideology being crammed down all of our throats under the guise of natural law by Christians. I don't see many Christians who are humane. Filled with delight is like something out of Omar Khayyam, not the New Testament. Most conservative and fundamentalist Christians have an affect that comes across as angry and constipated. To me, the archetypal Christian is still Miss Vivian Goggins, the librarian at my high school, forty years ago. She was so fixated on the prerogatives of her authority and maintaining discipline, that nobody was ever allowed access to books much less develop a love of scholarship.

I don't think anybody minds if Christians are transformational. If they infect others to also become filled with delight, so much the better. I've never seen it but I have no problem with it. What does that have to do with telling others how to live their lives and spreading around an ideology to people and in places where it was never asked for?