Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A New Breed Of American Leader

Republicans are expecting big pickups in Congressional representation after next years mid term elections. Maybe it's true.

In order to get the nomination in most places, a successful Republican candidate is going to have to show strong fundamentalist Christian credentials and complete acceptance of any wing nut, God freak fringe groups that are out and about . They aren't going to be able to have a very extensive education or have received very high grades during the education they did have. They aren't going to be able to express a belief in the possibility of evolution of the species or the big bang theory of the Universe. They can't believe in the possible global warming effects of carbon build up in the environment. They can't have any coherent energy policy other than Drill, Baby, Drill. They aren't going to be able to express any tolerance of homosexual life styles. They aren't going to be able to condone abortion under any circumstances or any form of birth control other than chastity. They can't advocate any foreign policy initiatives that don't involve use of the big stick and in the case of Iran, a nuclear stick. They can't have any economic policy that doesn't rely on a strictly free market economy dominated by large corporations but must also venerate the American small businessman. They can't believe that there are any problems in this country involving race, ethnic and religious diversity or economic inequality that shouldn't be solved through the forced acceptance by these groups of the wing nut lifestyle and philosophy.

Who are these people going to be?

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