Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nobody wants Rush

There probably isn't a more hide bound, Right wing conservative, group of old, rich, predominantly White men in America, than NFL franchise owners and coaches. If there is a single Democrat among them, I am unaware of him. Many are active members and supporters of conservative groups and causes. A lot of them are loud mouthed blowhards who wave around big cigars, fart and treat women badly in public. A lot of them play golf. A lot of them keep a floosie or two around. A lot of them are substance abusers. They all like being associated with tough, young, athletic men of the sort they never were. There aren't many ways they could be more like Rush Limbaugh.

Even they won't let Rush into their little club. Hilarious.


John Rudolph said...

Say shipmate. Aren't you being a bit stereotypical with Repubs? LOL

Rush limbaugh shouldn't be near a football team just as Rachel Maddow or Ellen DeGeneres shouldn't be near a penis.

reddog said...

Stereotypical of NfL owners. I'd like to believe there is still some vitality and diversity among the GOP membership.

reddog said...

I'm not that crazy about Ellen. Rachel is smart and funny though. I would be honored if she polished my knob for a while. Just as a friendly gesture, mind you, not as a sex thing. I'm a sensitive New Age kind of guy. I respect everybody's choice of sexual preference.