Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is Marijuana Really Illegal?

Do you have a pot house in your neighborhood? I had one. Two older ladies had two adjoining condos across the greenbelt from me. It turns out they were living together and one of the condos was a grow house. With the garage, it provided about 2000 square feet of hydroponic growing space. Nobody noticed and it provided them with a very good income. They processed and sold the product themselves.

In the end, they were turned in by a relative jealous of their good fortune. It's been a couple of years since they were busted. What interested me is that in the aftermath, none of the property was confiscated, the fines imposed weren't ruinous and nobody went to jail.

The little old ladies still live there and aren't talking but I get the feeling they are still in business and have a new grow house somewhere in the area. They are still very good neighbors. Nobody has any kind of grudge or hard feelings against them here. If they brought me a batch of brownies, I wouldn't mind.

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