Thursday, October 22, 2009

Penn Gillette's Brain May Be Rotting But In A Good Way

Do you know who Penn Gillette is? He is getting a lot of positive reaction on the wing nut blogs. He has made a few appearances on the Glenn Beck show as well as other right wing media outlets and has received some blistering criticism for it from some on the left.

I wouldn't say Penn is a liberal, any more than I would say I am. He is among other things, a libertarian, atheist, sexual libertine, narcotics affictionado and free, non linear thinker. About the only things that he has in common with Glenn Beck are profound mental instability and a willingness to engage in a free and open exchange of non linear ideas.

I think an open dialogue within a society about all issues is a good thing. I applaud Penn for his willingness to engage in it and right wingers for a sympathetic response. If so called liberals close themselves off from listening to or responding to those who think differently, they cease to be liberals.

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