Friday, October 02, 2009

Pieces of Shit

Nobody wants to buy GMs Saturn brand. I don't blame them. When Saturns first came out I was interested and took a look. They seemed flimsy and cheap. Like they wouldn't last. Plastic body panels and the fuckin' bumpers were filled with styrofoam. Stout.

I was right. You never see any old Saturns on the road and the Saturns you do see make a lot of unfortunate noises. Kind of like me after a beanie wienie and sauerkraut dinner.

Pieces of shit.


Public said...

You're right. If G.M. wanted to start a new brand they should have invested in it, instead of running around feeding 20 different divisions.

Mike Golch said...

yep Saturn was a bad Idea,but that again they closed down the Oldsmobile line and are about to do the same to Pontiac.

Anonymous said...

I owned a Saturn. The engine mounts ruptured twice for a 300 dollar repair.

I quit taking it to the dealership and the SW2's engine blew up at 120000 miles.

I did get a tax deduction for giving it to "kidney cars".