Friday, October 02, 2009

I Never Heard He Was A Liberal

Does anybody know anything about Roman Polanski's politics? I never heard he was a liberal. He certainly had a reputation as a swinger and liked real young girls but that doesn't signify anything political.

You got to consider that it was the Obama Justice Department that nabbed him. Eric Holder certainly OK'd it. Probably Hilary too. Barry himself may have signed off on it. Reagan was never interested in doing it or either one of the Bushes. That might be a clue.

The Wingers are making a big deal about all his liberal defenders. It's just movie people. They're like sailors. Never rat out a shipmate. Maybe that's why Reagan went easy on him.

I always thought he was a creepy little bastard, even during the Manson family thing and he had a lot of stiff competition during that.

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