Friday, October 02, 2009

Sex In Show Biz. What A Surprise.

A lot of sex scandals in the news this last week or so. I haven't said anything about McKenzie Phillips. Poor girl has been abused plenty I bet and never turned around and hurt anybody but herself. I don't understand all the hostility toward her. If she wants to write a book about it, more power to her.

Is anybody surprised that David Letterman has girlfriends on the set of his show? I can't say I am. Anybody doing what he does, for as long as he's done it can probably have sex with anyone within the community that he wants to and I'm sure he does. I don't think his wife is going to be all that scandalized. She was his girlfriend for 23 years. I'm sure she is aware of the situation and that it's nothing new. He handled the situation well.

I used to watch Letterman a long time ago. I remember when he had a morning show. He was pretty good. Had the common touch. That's long gone. I have no interest in him now. Never watch him. Leno either. He's even worse. Johnny Carson was good, in the sixties. Nobody ever thought he wasn't screwing every girl on the set whose panties weren't secured with carpet tacks. It was part of the schtick.


Steve Harkonnen said...

Letterman handled it well by coming out in the open, making the guy who wanted to extort him appear as a fool.

But on Phillips? I think she's just another attention whore seeking a way to become known again.

reddog said...

Michelle hasn't hurt anyone. I doubt she's lying about what happened and her father is dead.

What's the harm?